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Technical Publications

Club Library

The Library of the Mercedes-Benz Club of the ACT is a resource for all club members for their enjoyment and information. At major club functions, particularly at the annual Concours d’Elegance, a selection of items from the library is put on display.

The library collection includes a range of books and items of general interest to those passionate about Mercedes- Benz vehicles.  These include books and items of an historical nature, general interest, technical books and manuals, an assortment of video cassettes CDs and DVDs, various magazines and club publications from Mercedes-Benz clubs in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and from the USA.  A list of the items included in the library is below.

Items in the library are available to be borrowed from the library by club members at no cost.  Please contact the club librarian (details in every edition of our club magazine, StarACT) to make the arrangements. Items that have been borrowed must be returned to the club librarian within a reasonable time.  A reasonable time would normally be a month unless a different time has been agreed.  If someone would like to return an item at a later time than expected, the club librarian should be contacted by phone or email and an alternate time agreed.  It is expected that members would return items without the need to be prompted.  a

Mercedes-Benz MODEL, CHASSIS, ENGINE GUIDE 1946-1996

This comprehensive and colorful 32 page identification guide to all Mercedes-Benz passenger cars introduced between 1946 and 1996 has been compiled by Neil Mansini and is available free to all club members. It includes details of chassis and engine type and model codes with their production numbers.

A copy in pdf format with images of each model at 3 Mb or one without images at 200 Kb can be obtained by return email by emailing Neil Mansini at:

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