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The Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman

Peter Kunz

When people think about the 600 series in the abstract, the model which they conjure up most frequently is the 600 Pullman Limousine.

When I was young, most model cars of a 600 depicted this variant, being longer and grander than the 600 Sedan.

# Magazine - Article - 600 Pullman 01

Mercedes-Benz publicity photo: a 4 door Pullman owner toasts a companion.

Stylistically, I think the shorter 600 Sedan is slightly more pure and resolved, while the 600 Pullman has a touch of the stretched Dachshund look to it. On the other hand, next to the Sedan, the Limousine, with its extra length, looks even more imperious.

While the Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman Limousine is known to collectors and classic car fans, few will remember that there are different variants of them.

# Magazine - Article - 600 Pullman 02

Gravitas and elegance: The Pullman in a German square.

The "standard" Pullman Limousine had an inserted section from the B-pillar back. This extended the wheelbase and made it longer than the Sedan. With seats in the rear which faced each other it could seat 4 VIP’s.

There was also the option of building that inserted section as an extra door.  This became the 6 door Pullman. In the 6 door version there were two occasional jump seats facing forwards. These seats were for a security detail or other staff of the VIP. The 6 door Pullman Limousine was ideally meant for just two VIP passengers who sat in seats facing forwards behind the jump sets. Some 6 door Pullman Limousines did not have exterior door handles and could only be opened from the inside. The six-door versions were far rarer than the standard stretched limousines.

# Magazine - Article - 600 Pullman 03

4 door Pullman interior with seats facing in rear.

The Pullman could contain seven/eight passengers. It took 54 working days to build the Pullman, four more than the shorter Sedan.

# Magazine - Article - 600 Pullman 04

Baby you can drive my car - John Lennon’s 600 Pullman 4 door.

The Pullman Limousine is 6.24 metres long. The Pullman Limousine weighs 2.8 tons. Only three Pullman Limousines were constructed without partitions. Owners may have driven the short wheel base sedan, but a Pullman Limousine was designed to be driven by a chauffeur.  Both versions are powered by the famous 6.3 litre V-8 engine, the first V-8 used in a Mercedes car, named M-100. 

The Pullman was 9.5 inches longer than a Rolls-Royce Phantom V.

18 Pullman Limousines were armoured. Only one was a six door model.

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