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Our Sponsors

Our sponsors support our Club - our Members support our Sponsors

The Mercedes-Benz Club of the ACT promotes our interests and activities to members through the circulation of our magazine STAR ACT. We distribute our magazine bimonthly to financial members, advertisers and a number of local, interstate and international car clubs and Mercedes-Benz offices. STAR ACT is a high class 40 page magazine printed in colour and includes advertising from commercial entities, particularly those relating to motoring pursuits.

In STAR ACT we provide an ideal means for club sponsors to inform our members of their products and services. Our members have a strong interest in motoring subjects. They frequently own more than one vehicle, are consumers of specialist maintenance and restoration products and services, and buy new Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Our magazine has circulation of 200, with six full-colour editions yearly.

Our policy is to allow only one of each type of business to be a sponsor except if you are in the business of servicing and repairing Mercedes-Benz vehicles. We have Annual Sponsorship packages available at two rates that include the following space:

  • Full Page $550.00
  • Half page $340.00

We accept Sponsor announcements for inclusion in the magazine on paper, as a photograph or as a computer image.

You should direct all inquiries regarding sponsorship to our Sponsorship Officer.

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