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Membership Renewal

Members please note that club membership renewals are due by 1 July.

A membership renewal form is on the reverse of the address label for the magazine, alternately, you can download a form below. Please complete the form and return it either by email or in the post, details of where to send the form are on the form itself.

Please ensure you state the means of payment on the form, the Club prefers payment by direct credit to the Club’s bank account. If paying by cheque, post it together with the form, if paying by credit card, include the details on the form.

When you fill in the renewal form please pay particular attention tostating your email address. Over time we have had many email addresses change or be transcribed wrongly into our database because they were not clear or misread initially.  If your email is incorrect you will not receive email updates of news and events.

If we have not received your renewal by the end of August you will be considered unfinancial and the magazine will cease to be forwarded to you.  If you have a vehicle on concessional registration your membership must be renewed by 1 July to comply with the Concessional Registration Scheme. If you do not renew on time your registration will no longer be current and your insurance coverage will be void.

If you are one of those who will head overseas for the Northern Summer please make sure your payment is sent before you leave. It will no longer be possible for the membership officer to follow up members for renewals by phone or email for some months after July 1.

We are all valued members of the Club and we look forward to your renewal.

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