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Club Membership Information

Club Membership Information

If you own a Mercedes-Benz or have an appreciation for the marque, the Mercedes-Benz Club should interest you. The Club brings together owners of these vehicles in the ACT and surrounding areas who enjoy their vehicles.

  • Initial Membership:
    • If you join before or on 31 December, membership costs $80, which comprises a $15 application fee and the annual subscription fee of $65.
    • If you join between 1st January and 31st March, the initial membership cost is $47.50. (i.e. the annual fee component is halved from $65 to $32.50).
    • Joining on or after 1 April is achieved by paying a full year's membership plus joining fee for the following year.
    • The first year of membership when a car is purchased from a Mercedes-Benz dealer is $40.
  • Annual membership renewal is $65, due on 1st July each year.
  • If members have a vehicle registered under the Concessional Registration Scheme, and fail to renew their club membership, the club is required to advise the Registrar. That vehicle may then be deemed to be unregistered. Please ensure that your payment is accompanied by a fully completed Application or Renewal form which can be downloaded below.
  • A Membership Application form is available below. This can be printed, filled out and posted or emailed to the address on the form.


  • receive bimonthly issues of the club magazine STAR ACT. The magazine provides news, views, personal glimpses, coming events and post- mortems of past events. It provides a forum for members to offer comment and you are welcome to submit items/articles that could be of interest to other members. For example, are you restoring a car and what pitfalls have you encountered or solutions found. You can advertise ‘For Sale or Wanted’ items/cars/parts in the magazine for no cost. If you are professionally associated with the motor trade, you are able to advertise within the magazine by arrangement with the Sponsorship Officer.
  • be eligible to attend national Mercedes-Benz events and conventions. There is a National Rally normally held biennially and rotated between participating clubs.
  • have access to fellow members able to offer free information and advice that will enable you to preserve the appearance, performance and value of your car; older model or new. Further, they can provide information on concours preparation and how to best present your car.
  • be able to purchase a range of Mercedes-Benz merchandise from the Club at competitive prices.
  • receive discount on parts and services from a number of our sponsors.
  • be eligible for significantly discounted registration under the Concessional Registration Scheme if your car is over 30 years old, is not used all the time, and meets some specific technical and safety criteria. You should discuss your registration and insurance options with our Club Plate Registrar.
  • meet people with a common interest in, and who are helping to preserve, the marque. You will gain knowledge of the various models and configurations that make up the marque and you will get the opportunity of talking to the owners of these models. A number of members of the club have in the past and are still, restoring early model cars (not only Mercedes) and should you so wish, will be delighted to offer free of charge any technical or restoration tips.
  • access our library. We have a number of magazines and books that may be borrowed by contacting the Librarian. Further, if you have any books that you no longer have use for and you feel that they may be of use to the library, then we would be pleased to accept your donation.

When the limits of our members’ free expertise have been exhausted, we have a number of excellent sponsors.

Our social activities and events are an extremely important component of the Club. We hold events each month and we encourage you and your family and friends to join in these . In this way you can enjoy the friendly family camaraderie that binds owners of, and those associated with, the three-pointed star.

Membership Procedure

Upon receipt of your application it will be submitted to our next monthly committee meeting for approval. Once approved you will be contacted and welcomed into the club. You are then eligible to join in on any of the club events or activities.

Club Name Badges

Name badges are a great help at Club events where new members may be overwhelmed by all these people who seem to know each other. Current badges feature the official club logo in blue on silver and are available for $14.50 from Canberra Trophy Centre at Molonglo Mall Fyshwick, ph. 62806520.

Mercedes-Benz Club Card

Members will be issued with a prestigious Mercedes-Benz Club Card.

Along with its many other advantages, the Mercedes-Benz Club Card identifies the holder immediately, anywhere in the world, as a member of a Mercedes-Benz club. With the addition of the specific club logo and your name to the card, the Club Card is used as a club membership card. Cardholders can log into a password-protected area on the homepage,, available exclusively to members of Mercedes-Benz brand clubs.

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