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Dubbo Weekend

3-5 May 2019

Sometime late in 1971 or very early in 1972, when Mercedes-Benz clubs were just starting, the Victorian Club approached the NSW Club with the concept of a combined event to be held at a midpoint between Melbourne and Sydney. A short time later, the Queensland Club was formed and it was agreed to extend an invitation to them also. Dubbo in western NSW was a convenient midpoint for all the clubs. This tri-state event took place at Easter 1973, setting the pattern for the Easter National Rallies.

During the 2018 National Rally, the possibility of re-running the first Dubbo rally with the aim of further fostering friendship and camaraderie between the clubs was agreed. The weekend in Dubbo will be held on 3, 4 and 5 May 2019. The Victorian Club is travelling to the ACT with 66 members, arriving on Tuesday 30 April, and will spend two days in our fair city. We are organising the Friday run to Dubbo and the NSW Club is organising the weekend’s activities. We are stopping at the Japanese Gardens, Cowra for morning tea and we are all meeting at Hermitage Hill, Wellington for lunch. Hermitage Hill is the old hospital, an historic building which now caters for weddings and conferences. A beautiful spot overlooking the town. There will be a number of activities during the course of the weekend as well as a dinner for all club members in Dubbo on the Saturday night.

It will be a great weekend and an easy drive from Canberra over very good all-tar roads.

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