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Spring Trip to Gunning

October 2018

On a lovely spring day 12 cars and their occupants met on the Barton Highway at 10.00 am for a trip to Gunning. We travelled by the Barton Highway to Yass Valley Way and then onto the Hume Highway. Between Yass and Gunning we descended the Cullinan Range. This was the steepest ascent between Sydney and Melbourne and the truckies used to curse the ascent as they crawled up the range. Also the Cullinan Range hosts wind turbines competing with those across Lake George. On the way it was pleasing to see a green tinge in the paddocks. Some welcome feed for the sheep and spring lambs.

# Event - Spring Trip to Gunning 00

# Event - Spring Trip to Gunning 01

We arrived in Gunning in time for some shopping before lunch. Gunning is a small town with an interesting history. An art group has painted the wall of the GMH dealer with early Holden models. It is quite an attraction for early Holden enthusiasts. Some enjoyed the antique/junk shops and a few treasures were purchased. At 12.00 we met at the Old Hume Café and enjoyed lunch outside in the courtyard on such a lovely day. This was a chance to catch up with other members and have a chat over coffee.

# Event - Spring Trip to Gunning 02

# Event - Spring Trip to Gunning 03

On the return most of us came back via Sutton. A very pleasant trip was enjoyed by all.

Thanks to Peter for organising the trip.

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