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Recent Event - Picnic at theCotter


# Event - Cotter 03

Some 30 members and friends gathered at the Cotter reserve for a BYO on Wednesday the 8th of November in what turned out to be a delightful soft and warm evening - a lovely surprise given the recent inclement weather.

# Event - Cotter 00

# Event - Cotter 01

President Richard hosted the group of both new and long serving members including (but not limited to) Hans and Dorothy Karman our elder statespersons, Bob and Margaret Sobey, with daughter Sharon and dog, Don and Helen Lewis, Ken and Alida Edwards and Colin and Leonie McPherson.  Tony von Brandenstein with Delcia also came, together with their son Alex, daughter in law Lizzie and their two delightful children, Sebastian and Despina who made the most of the Cotter’s playground and grassy site – would that we still had their energy!

# Event - Cotter 02

# Event - Cotter 04

Some of us had not seen each other for some time and the noise level was high as old friends chatted and exchanged their news and those of absent members. The wine and food flowed freely under the covered BBQ area until the sun went down bringing with it a sudden chill. Most then quickly packed up with promises to catch up at the forthcoming Christmas party at the Yacht Club on December the 10th.

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# Event - Cotter 06

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# Event - Cotter 08

A great evening was had by all.

Jacqui Thorpe

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