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Recent Event - Christmas Lunch

December 2014

Delightful Day!  Delightful Venue!!  Delightful Company!!!  What more could the 58 members who joined in ask for?

# Event - Christmas Lunch 00

Members from interstate (other than just over the boarder) were acknowledged by the President in his welcome.  The distance champion was Neil Mansini (known by many as the very conscientious editor of StarACT) from the Sunshine Coast.  Barry, Rowena, Rob and Sonia came from the Central Coast and Connie, Harry, Cynthia and Don from the Southern Highlands/Berry area. 

# Event - Christmas Lunch 01

The focus of the lunch was the MONSTER RAFFLE.  There were 40 prizes to be shared around the restaurant.  Socialisers Margaret and Di had purchased the usually necessary general car accessories, chocolates and biscuits. But then President Pat did some hard yards by contacting Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific in Melbourne for promotional goods and they supplied several AMG caps.  He also contacted our dealership Mercedes-Benz Canberra who generously donated items including umbrellas, key rings, books and a diary – those goodies that you may get one of, when you purchase a new vehicle.  Shannons insurance added to the prize pool with bags containing a cap and stubby holder.   What a wonderful mix.

# Event - Christmas Lunch 02

The raffle tickets were sold prior to the first course of either chicken pate or seafood mousse.  The main course was a roast, either roast beef or turkey and ham. Just prior to these landing on the tables, President Pat drew the first 20 prizes.  While lunch was settling it was time for the second draw. Visiting tables prior to the second round draw, there was a little discontent expressed at the number of “Red Dot” tickets that had emerged in the first draw.  Suggestions of rigging aside, it was clear that the buyers of the Red Dot tickets had been very generous in their purchasing.  Colin Blair was asked to scrape the bottom of the barrel for the next 20 tickets, but he could not keep away from the “Red Dots” either.

# Event - Christmas Lunch 03

After the dessert of meringue nest Pavlova or plum pudding followed by tea or coffee there was another give-away.  Shannons had donated prints of Sir Jack Brabham, sponsored by the Australian company Penrite Oil, very suitable for garage walls.  These were available for members to take if they wanted one.  They were very popular and quickly walked out the door.

# Event - Christmas Lunch 04

Members went home happy, many having met other members for the first time, and looking forward to seeing them again at events in 2015.

Margaret Walsh

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