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Outright Winners

1976 J Farrelley230 SL
1977A Kocandrie250 CE
1978K Montgomery190 c
1979K Montgomery280 SE
1980A Pappin190 SL
1981J Edwards230 S
1982A Pappin190 SL
1983J & L Schneider450 SL
1984J & L Schneider450 SL
1985J & L Schneider450 SL
1986C & W Gronau300 d
1987G Woyde & J Shipton (tie)240 D & 560 SEC
1988G Woyde240 D
1989R Green220 a
1990R Zak280 SE
1991R Green220 a
1992R Zak280 SE
1993G Yanis600 GROSSER
1994G Yanis600 GROSSER
1995R Lewis600 SL
1996R Zak280 SE
1997N Harding190 SL
1998S Morris450 SLC
1999S Morris450 SLC
2000L & A Miller250 SE/C
2001L & A Miller250 SE/C
2002L & A Miller220 a
2003W Fitzgerald190 SL
2004W Fitzgerald190 SL
2005W Fitzgerald190 SL
2006W Fitzgerald190 SL
2007J & M FlemingCLK 320
2008L & A Miller250 SE/C
2009M & H Allen190 SL
2010M & H Allen190 SL
2011J Green230E
2012Graeme and Gaile InnesR129 SL280
2013Simon Strauss190SL
2014Graeme InnessSL280
2015Terry WardW202 C45AMG
2016Terry WardW202 C45AMG
Ken and Alida Edwards1964 220SE cabriolet


Concours d'Elegance 2014


Road Class
Road Class 1 Steve Hall 230SL
Road Class 2 Brooke and Jacqui Thorpe
Road Class 3 Pat Walsh 380SEC
Road Class 4 Eugene Petrie SL55AMG
Road Class 5 No entries
Club Class
Club Class A Colin and Valerie Wilson 220S
Club Class B Victor Nadjarian 220SE
Club Class C Peter York 280SL
Club Class D No entries
Club Class E Henry Price 190C
Club Class F Wolfgang Minge 280SLC
Club Class G No entries
Club Class H No entries
Club Class I Tony Sheffield 320CE
Club Class J Graeme Inness SL280
Club Class K Arnie Schimmelfeder CL500
Club Class L John Green CLK63
Club Class M Vince Bodo E320
Other Awards
Engine Bay - Simple Peter York 280SL
Engine Bay - Complex Graeme Inness SL280
Best Interior Graeme Inness SL280
Best Panel and Paint Peter and Susheela Mulquiney 420SEL
Champion of Champions Pete and Susheela Mulquiney 420SEL
Presidents award Tony Sheffield 320CE
Life Members Encouragement Award Pina Prosperi 280SL
Distance Award Wolfgang Minge 280SLC
Outright Winner
Runner Up Pete and Susheela Mulquiney 420SEL
Outright Graeme Inness SL280


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