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Outright Winners

1976 J Farrelley230 SL
1977A Kocandrie250 CE
1978K Montgomery190 c
1979K Montgomery280 SE
1980A Pappin190 SL
1981J Edwards230 S
1982A Pappin190 SL
1983J & L Schneider450 SL
1984J & L Schneider450 SL
1985J & L Schneider450 SL
1986C & W Gronau300 d
1987G Woyde & J Shipton (tie)240 D & 560 SEC
1988G Woyde240 D
1989R Green220 a
1990R Zak280 SE
1991R Green220 a
1992R Zak280 SE
1993G Yanis600 GROSSER
1994G Yanis600 GROSSER
1995R Lewis600 SL
1996R Zak280 SE
1997N Harding190 SL
1998S Morris450 SLC
1999S Morris450 SLC
2000L & A Miller250 SE/C
2001L & A Miller250 SE/C
2002L & A Miller220 a
2003W Fitzgerald190 SL
2004W Fitzgerald190 SL
2005W Fitzgerald190 SL
2006W Fitzgerald190 SL
2007J & M FlemingCLK 320
2008L & A Miller250 SE/C
2009M & H Allen190 SL
2010M & H Allen190 SL
2011J Green230E
2012Graeme and Gaile InnesR129 SL280
2013Simon Strauss190SL
2014Graeme InnessSL280
2015Terry WardW202 C45AMG
Terry Ward
W202 C45AMG


Concours d'Elegance 2014


Body StyleRoad DivisionClub Division
Pre-war and chassis sedans, Type 170, 220 and 300 sedans, Roundie sedans1A
Pre-war and chassis Coupe and Cabriolets, Type 170, 220 and 300 Coupe and Cabriolets, W111/112 coupe and cabriolet – 220 / 250 / 280 / 300 / 3.51B
300 SL gullwing/roadster, 190SL roadster/coupe, Pagoda-roof SL1C
W108 – W109 300, 3.5 &, 6.3 sedan
W100 600 Grosser limousines
Finnie 300SE+SEL
W108 250, 280 Sedans
Finnie 190 / 200 / 220 / 230
W107 SL and SLC2F
S Class W116 sedans and wagons
W123 sedan, wagon & coupe
Compact W114 / 115 sedan and coupe
W126 sedan & C126 coupe3H
W124, W201 sedan, wagon, coupe and cabriolet3I
W129 Roadster, W140 S-class, W202 sedans & wagons, W210 sedans & wagons, W208 coupe/cabriolets4J
All models 1999 - 20064K
All models 2007- 20144L
Modified or Special VehiclesN/AM
Commercial Vehicles, G-Wagons5N/A


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